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Not All Banners Are Built the Same

When it comes to finishes on banners there are a variety of options and it's good to know how well they all will hold up to constant use. One often overlooked aspect is the finish, particularly the edges, which greatly impact the overall look and durability of the banner. Additionally, grommets play a crucial role in securing and hanging the banner, while choosing the best hanging options is essential to maintain its integrity.

Different banner finishes can have a significant impact on both the aesthetic appeal and durability of the banner. A poorly finished edge (usually just straight cut edges) may fray or unravel quickly, leading to a shorter lifespan. Moreover, a rough or jagged edge can give an unprofessional and shabby appearance to an otherwise well-designed banner. Therefore, investing in a proper finish for the edges is crucial.

One common method to achieve a clean and professional edge is heat welding. This process involves applying high temperatures to fuse the edges of the banner material together, creating a strong bond that prevents fraying and unraveling. Heat welding ensures a smooth and neat finish, enhancing the overall appearance of the banner and increasing its longevity. While this is a sound method, over time the bond weakens and starts to separate. However, for short-term use, this inexpensive route can be what is needed.

Another popular edge finishing technique is hemming. Hemming involves folding the edges of the banner over and sewing or heat sealing them together. This technique adds an extra layer of reinforcement, preventing fraying and enhancing the banner's strength. Hemmed edges give the banner a refined look and are particularly suitable for events and settings where aesthetics are vital. This method is best when investing in marketing materials for your business because they should last more than just a season for festivals and outdoor events.

In addition to the finish, grommets play a vital role in securing and hanging banners effectively. Grommets are small metal or plastic rings that are inserted along the edges of the banner. They serve as anchor points, allowing for easy installation and preventing the banner from tearing when hung or fastened. The number and placement of grommets depend on the size of the banner and the intended use. For larger banners, additional grommets may be necessary to ensure adequate support and prevent sagging.

When it comes to hanging options, choosing the best method largely depends on the location, intended use, and the type of banner. Some popular hanging options include zip ties, bungee cords, ropes, or even hooks. Zip ties are commonly used due to their ease of use and effectiveness in securing the banner tightly. Bungee cords offer flexibility and adjustability, making them suitable for banners displayed outdoors or in areas prone to wind or movement. Ropes provide a classic and reliable hanging option. It is essential to ensure that the chosen hanging method corresponds with the banner's size, weight, and environment to maintain its integrity and longevity.

Paying attention to the finish, particularly the edges of a banner, is essential to ensure its quality and durability. By considering these factors, one can ensure their banners not only look visually appealing but also withstand the test of time.


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