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Meet Laura!

I'm a freelance graphic designer who has a passion for helping others reach their goals and dreams through branding and self-expression. This all started when I took over the visual branding for the business of a dear friend. And over time, friends became partners. When helping out at festivals, people kept asking us where we got our banners and runners. While I knew I could make most promotional type products, I just didn't have a store front to sell them.

I had an old Etsy shop that I switched over to this business so that people I met could find me to order the same products. Well, that was then and today, because of people like you, my Etsy business has grown into something I am very proud of. If you have an idea for anything from a logo to a banner, I can help. If you are just looking for something fun to wear, I've got that too. 😊



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